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Legacy Admin Console

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Problems with encrypted medical CDs?

  • They cost you time and productivity
  • Errors reading encrypted CDs
  • CD burner breakdowns need on-site support
  • Upfront costs with encrypted CD jukeboxes (eg Codonics, Rimage)
  • CDs carry higher risk of Information Governance serious incidents
  • Need a solution for dental or ad-hoc international transfers?

What is ShareMyXray?

ShareMyXray is an online portal for sharing dicom images and reports, with a built-in online dicom viewer

It's increadibly easy for staff to send or receive, view online or DICOM download, and connect to new sites, all saving the hassles and delays associated with CDs.

The streamlined process to connect to new sites makes it an ideal replacement for medical CDs.

bbRad reduces risk for IT directors, with safer transfers with full Data Protection and Information Governance compliance.

Use it for sharing dental/OPG imaging as well as independent radiologists' remote reporting services.